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Year 8 Rewards Assembly

Year 8 Rewards Assembly took place on Friday 7th January, and it was a fantastic opportunity to recognise students’ achievements and to start our new year positively at Mount St Mary’s. It was such an honour to be able to reward so many of our students in Year 8 – particularly those who are always getting it right. 153 students were nominated for a category or award, such as 100% attendance, no negative points, or improvements to their ATL score.

It was also rewarding to commend whole form groups on their conduct in using the 5 Rs consistently in their lessons and around school. 8GAL made headlines and took away two key prizes! Well done Year 8!

Important Dates

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Progress Review Day - Thursday 10th February 

School Closes for Half Term - Friday 18th February

School Reopens - Monday 28th February


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Year 8 Team

Mr P Clarke

Student Advocate

Miss S Atkins

Year Leader

Mrs I Bell

Pastoral Support Officer

Our Year 8 Form Tutors

Mr J Tombs



Mrs C Foster


Miss E Davy


Mr N Bromwich


Miss G Leeson



Mr M Rimoldi


Mrs N Rathore


Miss B Prentice


Mr P Clarke


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