Top Form Awards

Since the beginning of the academic year, our Year 7 forms have been competing in a weekly challenge for the TOP form award. The focus for the first two weeks was to see which form could achieve the most positive points in lessons for consistently displaying a positive attitude to learning and going above and beyond to make progress. We have been overwhelmed by the performance of our students across all subject areas and could not be prouder of the way that they have represented themselves and the year group since joining Mount St Mary’s.

The TOP Form criteria for this week was the most retribuam points and the winner this week was 7ABL. A huge congratulations to Miss Black and her form!

Important Dates

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Progress Review Day -

Thursday 10th February

School Closes for Half Term -

Friday 18th February

School Reopens -

Monday 28th February


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Year 7 Team

Miss H Mulcahy

Student Advocate

Mr L Hawkins

Year Leader 

Miss L Clarke

Pastoral Support Officer

Our Year 7 Form Tutors

Mr R Wellington


Mrs R Grayston


Miss M Owen


Miss M Rooke


Mrs J Barnes


Mr S Lawson


Mrs A Black


Mr I Adams


Miss H Mulcahy


Year 7 Rewards Assembly

Celebrating success and promoting the aspirations of students within our community are fundamental aspects of school life at Mount St Mary’s. This week we hosted a Year 7 rewards assembly with the intention of recognising individuals for their achievements throughout their first term at secondary school. The process of nominating students for awards made us realise how lucky we are as a year team to work with such an amazing cohort of students, with such a variety of positive characteristics, talents and ambitions; we would have found it much easier to give everybody a reward!

To begin our rewards assembly, we celebrated those of our students who have achieved a perfect overall attendance and punctuality streak for the Autumn Term (Wednesday 8th September to Friday 17th December 2022). The qualifying students had zero days of absence, 100% attendance, zero lates and perfect punctuality. In total we celebrated 48 students who met the criteria and therefore qualified for an award which, during the unprecedented circumstances that we are currently facing, is an amazing accomplishment. Additionally, we celebrated our overall attendance as a Year group. During Term 1 the average attendance of our Year 7 cohort was 96.26% showing the responsibility, enthusiasm and maturity that our students have demonstrated since the beginning of their journey with us.

The celebration went on to focus on individuals who have engaged with the core values of our school by always showing willing and never giving up in spite of the circumstances. Although all Year 7 students have faced or will face challenges throughout their time at Mount St Mary’s, we were incredibly pleased and proud to reward specific students who have continuously demonstrated Resilience throughout the year so far. We believe that the students nominated portray impressive attributes that have enabled them to recover quickly, bounce back from adversity, and face situations with a positive “can-do” attitude. Their efforts within the school and wider community have not gone unnoticed, and we hope that by celebrating their mental toughness, that they will continue to motivate themselves to make further progress and achieve more success over the next five years.

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