Every single student and member of staff is allocated to one of the four houses at Mount St Mary’s. Each house is named after one of the sainted four Gospel writers: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The House system is designed to encourage staff and students to come together in friendly competition to work on projects that will benefit the school community, as well as to engage our support for other groups beyond our own front door.

Over the course of the year there is a range of key house events and celebrations: assemblies, masses, house organised fund-raising events and inter house competitions. A points based system is used to keep things on a competitive basis and the overall House competition culminates with our annual Sports Day event,  where House teams compete against each other to decide on the overall winner.

The House system is closely linked to the Mount St Mary’s school motto: Quid Retribuam – What Do I Give Back? The idea being that we all have something to offer, and that we should use our gifts and talents to work together in support of each other.