Sit Down With The CFR Sisters

Giving Back lies at the heart of our school mission

For the last two years, through MAD (Make A Difference), one of the ways we have given back has been through supporting the work of the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal, who live and work in our local area.

One of their current projects is to reflect on difference aspects of our faith, helping to deepen our understanding of a number of beliefs and teachings, through a series of video talks, entitled Sit Down With The CFR Sisters.

Please take some time to enjoy and reflect.

Previous episodes can be found below:

St Matthews Gospel Unlocked

We are proud to announce our inclusion in a Diocese project called St Matthew’s Gospel Unlocked.

The project has involved over 150 people who have contributed by recording passages at home using mobile phones, tablets and computers. Their separate recordings have been stitched together to form a series of 11 podcasts of roughly equal length. Listen to the first below and CLICK HERE for the complete list.